You got A good one!

You got A good one!

K44 exhibition space, Athens, Greece, 2008

An installation that consists of cardboard mailing envelopes used for transporting vinyl records. The main idea of the exhibition deals with the process of collecting through the use of the ‘useless’ objects (mailers), byproducts of the actual collection, which is absent from the show.
The exhibition space walls are covered with 514 cardboard boxes- mailers for 12” vinyl records that were bought mainly from ebay and online music stores due to the artist’s activity as a dj.
The boxes, whose content is the actual collection, have been mailed from various parts of the globe and each box has inscribed on it the name and the address of the recipient, the artist himself.
Dimitris Ioannou with the juxtaposition of all these boxes creates a narrative of their time and space origin that also serves as a fragmented autobiographical element of the artist. The mailers constitute tangible physical traces of the process of the creation of the collection and they themselves are transformed into a secondary collection that spans a period of approximately five years. Due to the content of the collection itself that is analogue vinyl records –Music- the contradiction between the tangible object (cardboard mailer) and the nature of an immaterial process (online buying) becomes even more evident, especially in the digital era of the mp3.

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