Tha ta poume kira Giouli…

Justice Is Mine

CAMP! – Contemporary Art Meeting Point, Athens, Greece, 2012
curated by Dimitris and George Dimitrakopoulos
CAMP! ‘Justice Is Mine’ exhibition page

“Tha ta poume kira Giouli…”

A video piece, a 16 second appropriation from a masterpiece, a cult film from 1990. It is a crucial point in the film where the ‘villain’ pretty much decides he will avenge Giouli, the female star of the film who is happy in the arms of the well known singer, greek cult figure, superstar Giannis Floriniotis.
His monologue goes as (sorry, can’t translate this…):
“Άκου να δεις τι γίνεται ρε’συ.
Τώωωωωρα να δεις τι γίνεται.
Πως μπορείς να λησμονείς κάποιον που σε μάζεψε απ’τον δρόμο και σ΄έκανε άνθρωπο;
Θα τα πούμε κυρά Γιούλη, θα τα πούμε κυρά Γιούλη…”

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